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Vacation Rental Cleaning Management



Provilla is a vacation rental cleaning management software that connects Airbnb & HomeAway property managers with professional cleaners for vacation rental needs. It offers a variety of tools in conjunction with a third party managing properties. Property management aims to reduce and minimize the number of repetitive tasks that must be completed in managing property.

My Role

Product & UX Designer


Mobile (iOS App)


Receiving instructions via text message or email is not exactly an efficient and structured way of communicating cleaning instructions to the cleaners. They miss out on a lot of information regarding their cleaning job and also have a hard time maintaining their schedule as they’re notified via text message about their next job. In other words, the cleaners don’t have a platform to receive clear and precise instructions which can possibly lead to dissatisfied customers.


The application will have two modules: one targeting the cleaners and the other the property owners who need cleaners to clean their homes/properties. Therefore, the objective was to design an application that would aid cleaners in not only receiving clear and precise instructions regarding their cleaning tasks but also to view and maintain their cleaning job schedule: the upcoming jobs and the jobs they’ve performed, in a weekly and monthly view. And also help the property owners explore, view and hire cleaners for cleaning their properties.


Below is the design process that I used for this project based on time and resources available. The reason why I omitted the testing process is because the project was scrapped and it didn’t go beyond the prototyping phase.

01 Research

02 Ideate

03 Design

04 Prototype

Research & Analysis


I conducted two surveys in order to gather information about users, their requirements, and their frustrations. The reason I conducted two surveys was due to the fact that there were two types of users: the cleaners, and the property owners. Both had their separate requirements, therefore, I created two types of questionnaires. I studied similar applications available in the market to get insight about how the entire process works i.e. viewing work schedule, apply for and accepting jobs, hiring cleaners etc. I also learned about the best UX practices and design trends.

User Personas

I created the following two personas in order to get idea about whom the application is being designed for since there were two types of users each with their separate requirements.

User Stories

The objective behind creating these epics and breaking them down to simpler and more accurate user stories was the creation of a mental model which would aid in aligning our goals regarding the product design with those of the users’.


Property Owners


Site Map

To illustrate the functionalities and the placement of screens for both versions of the application, I created the following two site maps:


Property Owners


After gathering enough information, I proceeded to explore design ideas for both modules i.e. the cleaners’ and property owners’ versions of the application.


Property Owners


The objective of creating these wireframes was the proof of concept, to better visualize the concept created using rough sketches. Due to similar case with wireframes of other applications where I had to design wireframes in medium fidelity because of client’s requirements, I had to design these wireframes in medium fidelity as well. In other words, they had to be a more detailed than traditional wireframes but at the same time less detailed than the high fidelity mock-ups.


Property Owners


High-Fidelity Mockups

After receiving feedback on the wireframes, I made a few changes in the flow and design of the screens for both modules i.e. the cleaners’ and the property owners’ version of the application. After the wireframes were finalized, I embarked on the journey of creating these high fidelity mock-ups based on the visual requirements that the client had stated from the outset.


Property Owners


Cleaners’ Version

I created two separate prototypes to demonstrate the functionalities of both modules which were to be tested for two different groups of end users i.e. the cleaners and the property owners. Below is the prototype designed for the cleaners that demonstrates the entire workflow of the cleaner when they accept, start, and finish a cleaning job.

View Prototype

Property Owners’ Version

This prototype was created to demonstrate the workflow of the property owners’ module of the application. It demonstrated how a property owner can add their property and it’s details and then create a cleaning job and assign a cleaner to it. And also stay in touch the cleaners while they’re performing their cleaning job tasks.

View Prototype


This project also didn’t go beyond prototyping phase because the application was scrapped due to some financial difficulties on client’s end and lack of resources on the management’s end. Therefore, the project was abandoned at prototype stage where both interactive prototypes were created that successfully demonstrated their respective functionalities.